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Garden Services Walton-on-Thames

KT Garden Services are a local, family run, professional gardening business offering a wide range of gardening services. We pride ourselves on providing a professional and reliable service across all your gardening needs.

Our local team of friendly, professional gardeners manage and maintain many gardens and estates of all shapes and sizes right across the Walton-on-Thames area both on a regular basis and as a series of one off garden maintenance jobs.

Whether your requirements are weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annually - we always work to your needs. Our team of gardeners also cater for one off tidy ups, maintenance and end of tenancy garden cleanups.

We offer the following gardening services across Walton-on-Thames:

  • General Garden Maintenance
  • Hedge Cutting, Hedge Trimming & Pruning
  • Specialist Lawn Care
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Garden Clearance & Garden Tidy Ups
  • Bed & Border Maintenance
If your garden could do with a tidy up, ongoing management or just needs some general garden maintenance please don't hesitate to give KT Garden Services a call on 07429 432806 or email us at enquiries@ktgardenservices.com and we'd be delighted to pop round and take a look at your garden.

Garden Maintenance

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes. From vast sprawling lawns to small patio courtyards and everything in between. KT Garden Services know that keeping your garden looking at its best can prove challenging and time consuming and not without its frustrations when the vision you have for your garden gets spoilt by the elements, pests and weeds.

The combination of wet and sunny days means that weeds are multiplying quicker than ever before and you'll have noticed that your lawn will be growing much faster too!

Why not take a back seat and let us get your garden looking its best, leaving you to sit back and relax enjoying your perfect surroundings with family and friends.

We come highly recommended by our Walton-on-Thames garden maintenance customers.

Specialist Lawn Care in Walton-on-Thames

KT Garden Services pride ourselves on being professional lawn care experts. If your lawn is in need of care we are here to help you getting it looking back at its luscious green best!

We will assess your lawn, identify any issues with its health and will set in place a strategic plan of action to ensure we have your lawn looking it’s best as quickly as possible.

This can include hollow tine aerating, scarifying, top dressing, feeding, and from lawn repairs to a returfing.

Getting the best results with your lawn is all about working with the elements, the timing of treatments to coincide with the weather is paramount to the recovery - we won't put down lawn treatments that will simply get washed away in tonights rain shower!

Lawn Mowing

If keeping your lawn looking that perfect shade of green, nice and neat with perfectly trimmed edging is getting getting a bit too much or if it's suddenly become overgrown given the mixed hot and wet weather (providing perfect grass and weed growing conditions) don't despair, KT Garden Services will have it looking its best in no time so why not give us a call!

We'll remove all weeds from your lawn and put down some grass friendly treatment right across your garden in order to discourage further weeds from spoiling the look of your perfect lawn!

If you need more specialised lawn care or have any specific lawn care related questions advice we are always on hand to provide any help we can.

Contact KT Garden Services on 07429 432806 or email us at enquiries@ktgardenservices.com.

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    Hedge Cutting, Hedge Trimming & Pruning

    KT Garden Services provide hedge cutting services carried out to the highest of standards, using the best equipment and at the right time of year.

    Its extremely important to keep your hedge regularly trimmed, aside from the aesthetic reasons for keeping your hedge neat and tidy, cutting your hedge on a regular basis also encourages longer shoots and stronger roots, reduces the chance of disease, enhances all round health and promotes thicker and fuller growth.

    Using our many years of experience, we can shape and maintain your hedges to look their best throughout the seasons.

    Contact KT Garden Services on 07429 432806 or email us at enquiries@ktgardenservices.com.

    Garden Bed & Border Maintenance

    Shrub beds make for an appealing, attractive use of space, and can be a feast for the senses. However, maintenance is key in keeping beds looking their best.

    It won't take long for an unnattended bed to become overgrown with weeds. We will also keep a careful eye on all your plants and monitor their health by preventing diseases with specialist spraying and fungicides. If any of them develop diseases this will be quickly identified and the best treatment will be given.

    In addition, your bed borders will require regular edging to remain looking neat and tidy and under control.

    At KT Garden Services we supply all aspects of garden borders and garden bed maintenance contact us on 07429 432806 or email us at enquiries@ktgardenservices.com to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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